[IFA 2013] HandsFree with SuperTooth Buddy: play it safe while you stay connected

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Staying safe while on the road is a number one priority for everyone; from busy business people to texting teenagers and carpooling mothers, alike. And it is widely recognized that cell phone use and driving simply do not go hand-in-hand. Yet there are times when in-vehicle mobile communication is necessary, and in these cases, Bluetooth speakerphones are the perfect partner on the road.

SuperTooth Buddy: it is easy to play it safe while you stay connected
There is a way to play it safe while you stay connected. SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth speakerphone boasts an ultra-compact, sleek, contemporary design and it offers 20 hours of talk-time and 1,000 hours of stand-by, making this system a practical and prudent choice for connecting from your vehicle.

Zero installation, SuperTooth Buddy easily attaches to your vehicle visor with a magnetic clip. A USB cable and in-car charger is also provided, meaning recharging is simple and straightforward.

User-friendly, SuperTooth Buddy offers full auto-pairing with Bluetooth phones and the latest Bluetooth 2.1 enabled headset profiles. The built-in smart capabilities offer autoconnect feature which after the initial connection the device can be left on, and will automatically reconnect with your phone every time you enter the vehicle.

Clear quality
In addition to ease-of-use, SuperTooth Buddy offers unmatched audio quality, thanks to a sensitive microphone and powerful speaker. Conversations are clear and effortless as voices are picked up and emitted with the same precision.

SuperTooth Buddy is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, including iPhone, BlackBerry and smartphones (Android TM O.S., Windows Mobile).

Price and availability
SuperTooth Buddy is available in department and specialty stores, as well as through mobile phone stores at MSRP of US$ 59.00.

SuperTooth will be on display at IFA 2013 in Berlin (Booth 126, hall 14.1) September 6th – 11th. Product samples will be available at the booth for testing.

<AVING Special Report Team for 2013 IFA : Kevin Choi, Paul Shin, Sujin Kim, Grace Kim, JIN Hongmei, KS Chun>

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소니코리아는 19일 서울 웨스틴조선호텔에서 신제품 발표회를 갖고 풀프레임 미러리스 카메라 'a7 III'를 공개했다.
안마의자 체험문화공간 힐링존(Healingzon, 대표 정재훈)은 안마의자를 대량 구매하고자 하는 기업 및 기관, 병원 등에 전문적인 컨설팅을 제공하는 특판 사업팀을 운영한다고 밝혔다.
화이트데이(3월 14일)는 연인이 사탕을 선물하는 기념일이지만 사탕 외에도 다양한 물건을 선물하기도 한다.
이탈리아 프리미엄 브랜드 드롱기(De'Longhi)가 우유거품기 구름치노(KREMFI.W)를 선보인다.
독일 프리미엄 가전 밀레의 한국지사 밀레코리아(MIELE KOREA, 대표 고희경)는 새로운 '페이셔판넬'을 적용해 사용이 편리하고, 캡슐세제 투입 장치 장착은 물론, 유럽 최고 에너지등급인 A+++ 등급을 획득한