Panasonic to complete its SD strategy with D-Dock

서은미 2006-10-17  
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TOKYO, Japan (AVING Special Report on 'CEATEC JAPAN 2006') -- <Visual News> Panasonic presented SD digital audio player 'D-Snap' and its compatible SD stereo system D-Dock ‘SC-SX850’ at CEATEC 2006.

Panasonic supports SDHC(SD High Capacity) which is upper standard of SD card by D-Dock. It connects mobile mini gadgets and home stereo system through SD card.

This product features 160GB hard disc and saves over 80,000 songs. You can copy music file at 12X speed from CD to HDD, also transmit from HDD to SD card at 16X speed. D-Dock enables users to save up to 350,000 album titles automatically including song titles and related information.

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